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Matilda (1996 film)
Books are Bias

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This is the WORST Book and Movie EVER!!! Why the hell they can make a book and a movie about child abusing?!?!?! ITS NOT A GOOD MOVIE AT ALL!!! WHAT A *beep* MOVIE!!! AND THE BOOK WAS SOO TERRIBLE!!! That girl looks like she was possess or something!!! The Trunchbull is like Hitler who kills Jews!!! And besides this was a SCARY MOVIE!!! IT GAVE ME *beep* NIGHTMARES!!! IT HATE WHEN THEY DO THAT!!! I HATE THE CAST AND I HATE PAM FERRIS!!!! *beep* THIS MOVIE AND *beep* THIS BOOK!!! Children should not listen to this!!! This is a movie and the book that can scared little children!!! Why do you get the *beep* movie in the first place?!??! They said it was the most popular movie in 1996!!!! WELL THEY ARE WRONG!!!! I don't know why that like soo much!!! But they said if them love the movie soo much, THEY WILL PUT IN JAIL AND KILL THEMSELVES!!! And why the hell the students are laughing at Pam Ferris?!?!? THEY ARE SUCH STUPID *beep* WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS *beep* AND OF COURSE, THE WORT ABOUT THE STORY, IS THE *beep* MUSICAL!!! *beep* IT!!! *beep* IT!!! *beep* IT!! ITS A *beep* ASS MOVIE AND I HATE IT!!! I HATE IT!!! I HATE IT!!! NO ONE SHOULD BE LIKE THE TRUNCHBULL AND BECOMING MATILDA!!! NO ONE WILL BE LIKE THAT!!!

Here what i think of getting a *beep* revenge!!!

Matilda: [pokes and scares Miss Trunchbull] I'd say you made us plenty durable.
Marty: Durable enough for revenge, anyway.
Matilda: And you thought you could just hurt us.
Miss Trunchbull: In this classroom, in this school, I AM GOD!!! AND YOU CAN'T SCARE ME!!! I AM TOUGH!!!
Matilda: [scoffs] So you thought.
Miss Trunchbull: Why? Do you think im stupid?!?!? YOU TWIT!!! [tries to hit Matilda and Marty]
Miss Trunchbull:[screams like hell] [got shocked] YOU ARE TOO STRONG!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DISGUSTING PISTS!!!
Marty: Well looks like we have special powers. I guess there are some things you don't know about us, aren't there?
Erin Wright: We don't want to be killed. Do we, Marty?
Marty: No, we don't like that. We don't like that at all.
Erin Wright: Everything wants to live.
Marty: Even you Trunchbull.
Matilda: You can't scare us Miss Trunchbull!!!
Marty: Now it time to get you back!!! That is a promise!!!
Miss Trunchbull: [screams]

Not only child abuse but media bias

Does Matilda ever think biased thoughts that she gets from all those books she reads?

Books are bias

Matilda was a box office bomb, having only earned $33 million in the United States

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