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Batman and Robin Batman and Robin  
Pathetic piece of SHIT!

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Ridiculous piece of shit! The shameful and disgraceful attempt to take our money, exploiting a American national hero as an stupid puppet of the cheapest 60's serial. Stupid one liners, overacting and dull plot about taking over the world by some freshly freaks as Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze (played by Arrrrnold, whose role in this fucking garbage is spelling the 'ice' lines).
That movie makes me mad, because it's even haven't a good action moments and SFX.
The design of the buildings and colors are vomiting! The sound effects are taken from the cartoons! YES I'm not fucking joking from the cartoons you can check them!
Another goddamn ass moment that pisses me off is then Batman and Robin are playing in hockey with the enemies! Oh my God! Umma Thurman's acting looks like a drunken joke in the middle of the day.
After this movie you feel like somebody fucked you directly in the ass! This movie spits on a previous Burton's Batman hit. FUCK IT! Don't watch it, better to die or be tortured by a giant caterpillars!

Monday, July 26, 03:44 2010 GMT

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