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Modesty Blaise Modesty Blaise  
A golden opportunity wasted

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In the 60's, Modesty Blaise was a very successful action/adventure comic, where high quality (and rather violent) stories with well thought out characters were the obvious and very likely successor to the Bond movies.

But that was not to happen, due to this awful movie. The producers did absolutely everything wrong. The actors were miscast, and the pretty good story was ruined by a silly ending that showed all to clearly that the producers had no idea about the characters they were telling a story about. Peter O'Donnell, the author, hated the movie.

I have heard that some people find the movie enjoyable as 60's kitsch. Maybe so, but as a "Modesty Blaise" movie it could not be much worse.

You can't make a spoof before making the original. The original should have shown a super-cool and deadly Modesty. It did not. Of course it flopped.

Tuesday, June 23, 21:41 2009 GMT

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