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Independence Day Independence Day  
$300mil blockbuster: are Americans really this stupid?

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This is a film that only George W. Bush could be proud of.

In this film, aliens threaten the world with their high-price, high-tech special effect explosions, and all of those impotent soldiers in the armies across the world are immobilized. Who comes to the rescue? Stupid, drunk American cropdusters from the heartland who need only a few minutes to figure out how to fly American fighter jets into the vacuum of space, that's who. Um, yeah. Oh did I mention that they're all Americans and they're kickin' butt to save the world?

Movies like this, along with their $300 million US gross figures, are the main reason why people outside the US think Americans are as dumb as their president.

Another good review:

"This braindead sci-fi fiasco depicting an alien attack on Earth has eye-popping visual effects, but when things aren't blowing up on screen, the slow moving, cliché-filled storyline is deadly. Numerous obnoxious celebrity subplots only tend to bog things down. You'll cringe at a miscast Bill Pullman as the President, walking Jewish stereotype Judd Hirsch, and an annoying Jeff Goldblum as the all-knowing scientist whom no one believes until it's too late. If you think you've seen this all before, you're right. It is similar in depth (or lack of it) to any number of Irwin Allen star-packed disaster films of yesteryear. Dazzling special effects and wisecracking TV star Will Smith (in a role that made him a box office titan) are the only reasons to sit through this bloated disaster of a film. The marathon running time of 2 hours and 25 minutes is also no blessing." (probably copied from elsewhere).

Monday, December 25, 17:54 2006 GMT

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