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From Justin to Kelly From Justin to Kelly  
American Idol's futile attempt to cash in even more

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From Justin to Kelly is a 2003 film starring Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, the winner and runner-up, respectively, of the first series of American Idol.

11,331 people voted it the 9th worst movie of all time on imdb (rating 1.8 out of 10).

A good review from imdb:

"Couldn't believe my eyes at this shameful, pathetic excuse for a movie. It isn't even a movie, just an excuse for the producers to squeeze a few extra dollars out of last year's American Idol finalists. I feel sorry for director Robert Iscove; not because I think his films are any good, but because this movie will permanently discredit him as a director. 1/10, and that's only because there's no '0' option."

Monday, December 25, 17:43 2006 GMT

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